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Learning-Healing Mentoring Program

Motto: “Developing Personal Triumphs resulting in Life Successes”

Mission: To build and develop systems of values for successful living in the (internal) home and community.

Vision: Create and establish self-supporting and effectively functioning collegiate and community mentoring group chapters nationwide, in order to train and groom male mentors for global community transformation.


The Learning Healing Institute, Inc., Mentoring Group is designed to assist, rescue and restore lost values and sense of self in an affirmative and positive way and community orientation and productivity to soon-to-be returning (youth) citizens, and 18-25 year olds in the wider community.

It is with intentional and deliberate pairing and constructive mentoring with young males and youth between the ages of 18 to 25 years old can and will “see” life in a new perspective. This national program is a guiding tool to ascertain personal and communal responsibility in order to make improved emotionally and mentally informed and sound decisions that may alter a pivotal life moment, or daily occurrences culminating into re-enforced positive character traits, habits and a way of living.

The target age group and single gender focused mentoring group are young men—disenfranchised children of formerly or presently incarcerated parents, or those who “feel” or are “lost”---with limited or no employable skills and experience, a high school dropout or limited education, and soon-to-be-returning youth to community, and or not living to full potential, in need of structured guidance to lead productive lives.

Moreover, this mentoring group will not perpetuate the rhetoric of the Black male or person of color exceptionalism, the idea that men of color need help more than women of color. Inevitably, people of color, both genders are in need of intervention and preventive programs to overcome the vast disparities of existence. However, due to the alarming rate of overrepresentation in the penal system, unemployment rate and limited educational attainment, this group is established solely for young men.


Motto & Structure:

Motto: “Developing Personal Triumphs resulting in Life Successes”


There are four phases of the program working simultaneously and in isolation based on individual need, mentor assessment, and or by request of the mentee. The four phases are as follows:


Telling Your Narrative

Building Emotional Health

Personal Employable Skills

GED/Attainment of high school diploma

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